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RT @CEPAR_research: Australian workplaces not equipped for growing 'tsunami' of dementia cases https://t.co/SXmLR1QQqE via @AlzheimersAus @…
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RT @AlzheimersAus: Prof Gauthier highlights importance of reducing #dementia risk through modifying lifestyle #ADI2015 http://t.co/zWcwlPIo
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RT @AlzheimersAus: Workplaces should support people with #dementia to keep on making positive contributions at work http://t.co/OJFaXSKckQ
Kaele Stokes 18h @Kaelelstokes
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Your Brain Matters

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Simple changes to your everyday life can protect the brain, body and heart and can help reduce the risk of developing dementia. Visit yourbrainmatters.org.au for more information.



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